More than 6 billion prescriptions are written each year...

Yet fewer than 50% are taken.

You can do better.
Take control of your healthcare.
Never forget to take your meds again.

The MedSure™ System

The MedSure™ System links the pharmacy, the physician, and the patient and can maintain perfect medication management.

A simple, no-hassle app or device for the patient. Increased revenues for the physician, and better outcomes for all.

A life-saving technology in a recession-resistant industry for the investor. Better outcomes for patients, physicians, practices and investors: a win for all.


Say goodbye to plastic pillboxes and take control of your healthcare! Never forget your medications again.


Create new revenue and reduce non-billable hours, all while delivering better outcomes for your patients.


See the med adherence technology that leads the industry with a 20% brand preference over competitors.

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