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Never Miss Taking Your Medication Again!

Our simple, easy-to-use medication management app takes the hassle out of taking your meds, connects your entire care team and loved ones in a single place, and allows you to take control of your own health.

MedSure changes lives; MedSure will change your life.

Why Choose MedSure to Manage Your Meds?

Our system is unique connecting patients with their physician, pharmacy, caregiver and Personal MedSure Coordinator allowing your care team to collaborate and help ensure you are taking your medications as prescribed. With our med-management app, there is no more second guessing if you already took your afternoon dose of medications or not. Taking your medications should be fast and easy, so you can get on with the rest of your day!

For Patients

Never miss taking your meds

Automatic alerts ensure you take your meds, the right meds, always at the right time.

No more spilling pills while loading your pillbox

Your meds are pre-sorted and ready to use by simply tearing an easy-to-open pack at each dose.

Don’t worry about issues with your prescriptions

You have a live, dedicated Personal MedSure Coordinator (PMC) available to help you with any med needs.

With MedSure, you get a simple, certain method for managing your meds.

For Physicians

It’s your carefully considered diagnosis. Make it count!

MedSure achieves med adherence rates of greater than 90%. Allowing your practice to match care more closely to diagnoses and improve patient outcomes. MedSure also helps identify which patients are non-compliant and/or have the highest probability of hospital readmission, allowing you to implement preventative care.

Learn more about partnering with us to provide MedSure Systems to your patients.

Discover the Future of Med Management!

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