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The Cost of Non-Compliance

Every year in the U.S. physicians write 6.3 billion prescriptions and 75 million Americans regularly over or underdose when taking their medications. The average medication adherence rate is 50% and represents a critical failure point in our healthcare system. Every year this results in:

$300 billion

In avoidable
hospitalization &
recovery costs


Premature deaths

$25 billion

In readmission
penalties for

What if there was a way to prevent your patients from being added to these statistics?

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Introducing MedSure Systems

Our medication management service combines smart technology and relational care to support patients, increase medication adherence, and provide practices with an additional revenue stream. To effect behavioral change and achieve high levels of med adherence, the MedSure Network links the patient, physician, pharmacy, caregiver and their Personal MedSure Coordinator (PMC). MedSure identifies which patients are non-compliant and/or have the highest probability of hospital readmission, allowing the practice to implement preventative care.

MedSure Partner Practice Benefits

MedSure partners with practices who have a Medicare patient base and want to provide this service as an additional benefit to their patient base. MedSure helps partner practices:

Improve Care Delivery

More than an App, MedSure connects patients, physicians, pharmacies, caregivers, and Personal MedSure Coordinators (PMCs) who are 1-to-1 with patients, for superior care.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

MedSure achieves med adherence rates of greater than 90%. Allowing your practice to match care more closely to diagnoses, impacting outcomes with more precision than ever before.

Reduce Unbillable Hours

MedSure PMCs act as a virtual staff for your practice, cutting administrative time by up to 34%. And, by better managing patient-pharmacy needs, MedSure improves workflow to reduce staff turnover.

Utilize More Efficient Reporting

Essential patient data, always available but only when needed, streamlines operations and saves valuable time.

Boost Revenue

MedSure adds a new revenue stream covered by Medicare, rewarding you for delivering a higher level of care.

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