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MedSure Med Management System

MedSure Systems provides a medication management program to transform your daily medication routine and live life on your terms!

Our convenient service takes care of it all, from handling prescriptions to organizing the pharmacy and ensuring timely medication delivery. We ensure you always take your medications and ultimately achieve the health goals you and your doctor have established. And the best part, this personalized care is now covered by your Medicare or Medicare Advantage benefits! Most patients receive the MedSure service for free, but some may have a small co-pay.

Patient Mobile App

With MedSure You Get

Peace of Mind

No more guessing if you already took your meds. The MedSure App keeps track of when you take your meds and sends automatic alerts to ensure you take the right meds, always at the right time.

More Time to Do What You Want

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your meds, fumbling with pill bottles, and spilling your meds while loading your pillbox. Your meds are refilled automatically and mailed to you in pre-sorted strip packs.

Support When You Need It

Your Personal MedSure Network securely connects you to your physician, pharmacy, caregiver and your dedicated, live Personal MedSure Coordinator (PMC), available to help you when you need it.

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How It Works

MedSure is an easy-to-use automatic system that makes managing and taking your medications simple.


Your meds are delivered to your home in pre-sorted strip packs. Each pack has your correct dose and clearly states the date and time it should be taken.


When it’s time for your next dose, the MedSure App automatically reminds you via your smartphone to take your medications.


After you’ve taken your meds, simply click a button on the app confirming you’ve taken your dose and you’re done!

Getting Started

Joining the MedSure med management program is easy!

Call us at 1-800-239-0847 to speak with a team member to get registered for our program. It only takes 5 minutes and we can answer any questions you may have. We will have you:

Confirm basic information about yourself and provide contact information for your current pharmacies

Give consent for us to speak with your physician and transfer your prescriptions to our partner pharmacy

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